Create Yourself Awake


I invite you to unleash your inherent creativity. 


Create Yourself Awake

is a six month immersion into the heart of creativity.

My goal is to provide an environment that is safe, inspiring and joyful while lifting you into a multifaceted experience of the creative arts.

The creative process lends itself to self reflection and revelation.

I provide the sky and the plane. You are the pilot.

How is this done?

Each month a new theme is introduced that will guide and inspire you on your venture.

Companioned with each month’s theme are artistic projects that support and expand your experiences.

Being creative is therapeutic,

not because we need to be fixed,

but because we need to be


~Julia Cameron

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Want to understand what Create Yourself Awake is all about?

This radio interview is great way.

- Interview starts at 9 minutes 14 seconds -


 Course Outline


The Creative Process

Cycles and Rhythms are a foundational part of life. The creative process is no exception. During this opening block we explore the creative cycle making it conscious and alive within us. The re-creation of a mundane object will be our first art project as we find our own relationship to the ever flowing wheel of creativity.

Biography Work

The starting point is an exploration of human development, both physically and spiritually. From here we explore our individual biographies by creating art out of our life stories. What better art project than your life! You are invited to see with new eyes your unique life’s story using the visual arts as your vehicle.


Oral Storytelling is an ancient art form. Stories are medicine. The remedies for repair and reclamation are contained within the story. We will lean into a story of your choice and work with the ‘how and why’ of telling a story as well as explore it artistically. The culmination of this block is sharing our stories fireside.

Mask Making

Mask making offers a vast terrain of metaphors! We start by casting our faces. From there you are led into a beautiful and profound process of allowing a being to be born from the ‘bones’ of your mask. The mask brings mythic awareness into visual connection with the material world. This is an evocative process like no other!

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