“In the very first class of Create Yourself Awake I knew that this was exactly the catalyst I needed to awaken something deep that had been dormant and awaken my creativity.  I feel more ALIVE than I’ve felt in years!!!. Kim has a unique, fun, intelligent and kind way of catalyzing ones creativity!!!  She is an amazing teacher and an amazing woman with knowledge that she beautifully and deeply articulates.  Plus her Studio has everything…yes everything to support our deepest creative expressions…I  look forward to this class every week and  don’t want it to end.”

Angela Ledington-­Fischer


“Create Yourself Awake provides an environment of beauty and purposefulness that makes anything possible.  I’ve heard Kim say, “I am less an artist myself and more a facilitator/art therapist”  I would respond to that by saying her classes and art studio ‘are’ her art from. Create Yourself Awake is not an “art therapy” environment  in and of itself and yet the healing and awakenings that I’ve experienced and witnessed in others speaks to the safe and intimate space that’s held where my own beauty, creativity and self acceptance flourishes.  I recommend this class wholeheartedly.  The class series will forever be an important and beautiful marker on the time-line of my life.”

Eana Rose


”The discovery of using art as a personal growth process allows me, as a commercial artist, to explore exciting realities within myself that would remain hidden in any other form of therapy. Each session with Kim’s multi-level understanding, support and clarity brings me to deeper awarenesses. This engaging feedback solidly platforms my inventioneering into new, rich and prosperous frontiers!”

Philip Brautigam


”Kim’s work in Create Yourself Awake is darning a cultural ‘puka’ (hole) in our collective consciousness.”

Terri Nash


”Being an artistic klutz I had grave reservations about this course. I found that I could actually create some neat things, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different mediums far more than I would have suspected.  The time with others in the studio has been a joy that I could not have anticipated. After a hard workday, 20 minutes in the studio, I become rejuvenated by enjoying a delightful and entertaining evening. I highly recommend this course. It’s the gift that “keeps on giving.”

Dennis Mendonca


“I have never considered myself artistic, nor felt I had any natural creative talent. What I didn’t get at the time is the powerful connection between how artistic expression provides a safe harbor for personal healing. The other part that has been equally intriguing is accepting a new form of communication that is much deeper than anything I have ever felt before. A communication that changes “seeing” into “beholding”… listening with more than our ears, using all of our senses and feeling no boundaries or judgment. I feel that this artistic journey has so many levels of good, the philosophies, the creative writing, the “roundy” feeling of family, its all been an amazing and inspiring experience. I am so very grateful to Kim, she has changed my attitude and allowed me to see the world and myself with softer eyes.  Forever in gratitude.”

Cristin Schump

 “Kim creates a space of support and safety for anyone, a beginning artist or someone with years of art experience. She makes the class fun, interesting, and a wonderful learning environment. She emphasizes that it’s not about what you produce but rather the process you go through in connecting with yourself, following your inner guidance, and exploring yourself through creating art, in it’s many different forms. I’m loving it and look forward to each class.”

Maria Maitino